Estonia can be called a paradise for those who wish to open their own business. This country is one of the most integrated into the European Union among the Baltic States.
One of the benefits of opening and running a business in Estonia is a very simple tax system. Under Estonian tax law, all companies that reinvest their profits in their future activities, are exempt from income tax. This rule also applies to profits earned outside Estonia. Income tax is charged only in case of payment of dividends.
Another great advantage for non-residents who have registered their company in Estonia, is the fact that the sale of securities is not taxable.
As well Estonia can be called a IT capital of Europe. All the latest technologies are implemented here. If you need your business to be supported by IT – Estonia is the best place to start business.
In Estonia, only certain types of business are subject to mandatory licensing.
The minimum capital required for the company’s registration in Estonia is 2500 euros. You can register your company already now or in case if you do not want to wait you can buy a ready-made company.