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  • Please note that this company can be purchased only using Estonian ID, Residence or e-Residence card. In case if you do not have a valid one, please chose a company from another category

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  • Company can be purchased only on-line using Estonian ID card, Estonian Residence or Estonian e-Residence card.
  • Company in Estonia without VAT number.
  • Company is totally new and has not performed a single operation.
  • Deal is done on-line.  It takes about 5 business days for Commercial Register to update information online.
  • Bank application – we will prepare a POA and apply for the corporate bank account on your behalf.  It takes aprox. 10 business days to get banks decision on opening the account.
  • VAT application – we will prepare a POA and apply for VAT on behalf of your company. We would need a filled in questionary from your side.
  • Business address – we will receive correspondence and communications for and on behalf of your company on the  corporate address.