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  • Please fill in the application from. After submitting you will receive payment instructions for wire transfer.
  • Please note that in case if you are choosing remote purchase you must be a resident of a country member of “Apostille Convention”. In case if you will fail to present required documents with apostille – we will return money deducting a management fee of 100.- €
  • In case if you have questions – please, use our chat or our contact form.

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  • Company in Estonia without VAT number.
  • Company is totally new and has not performed a single operation.
  • In case of buying remotely, please remember that buying with Power of Authority (POA) is possible only if you are a resident of a country that is a part of “Apostille Convention” as we would need documents to be apostilled. For country list please follow the link. If your country is not in the list, please do not proceed with purchase or consider coming personally to Tallinn
  • Deal is done at notary in 1 hour. Then it takes 5 business days for Commercial Register to update information online. In case if buying with POA consider 10 days from the moment we have all the documents and prepayment until information is seen online.
  • Bank application – we will prepare a POA and apply for the corporate bank account on your behalf.  It takes aprox. 10 business days to get banks decision on opening the account.
  • VAT application – we will prepare a POA and apply for VAT on behalf of your company. We would need a filled in questionary from your side.
  • Business address – we will receive correspondence and communications for and on behalf of your company on the  corporate address.