Recruitment services in Estonia

Owning own recruitment specialists in a company is quite expensive, especially for small and middle business. As well it is not always possible to measure the quality of the work.

Therefore, it is much more appropriate to delegate the recruitment process to us, as we are specialized on it. We will which operate independently, professionally and exclusively in the interests of your organization, and there will be no extra costs as you will pay only for the work done.

Employees of our agency have been specialized for years in various areas of recruitment and training. We have studied in detail all the nuances of recruiting, and now we can say with confidence that we will cope with any task, even if it is connected with the search for narrow specialists in the shortest possible time.

What services do we offer?

Processing of all business web sites, potentially useful for attracting the right candidates. Depending on the specifics of the region and the search framework, we select the most effective platform and place a job advertisement that is being constantly tracked, including attendance monitoring and reviews.

Pre-selection of candidates who could potentially take a specified position. The primary “screening” is especially necessary for vacancies, implying high competition, not to spend time of your representatives for an interview with the candidates, who obviously do not meet the requirements. Some things cannot be determined by reading a cv, but they are clear when talking over the phone, for example business etiquette and style of communication. Even of one made his CV perfect with the help of professionals, the level of communication skills is noticed very quickly in just a few minutes of a call. This phone selection of candidates is one of the important stages of the core candidates selection.

Interviews organization – one of the main stages, which we treat with special care. We really value our customers and potential employees, so each interview is preceded by careful preparation – a comprehensive study of the experience and competencies of the candidate, his professional skills, ambitions and other factors that are important for delivering a great result for your company.

Applicants background check – the final stage of work, which provides us and the customer total confidence in each candidate. Depending on the position, the depth of the background check can vary, but most often it is the establishment of certificates of authenticity, the recommendations of the professional competences from the previous places of work, as well as colleagues’ reviews about the personal qualities potential employees, if needed financial and criminal record checks can be performed as well.

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